Shipping to South Africa - Air and Sea Freight Services

Johannesburg, the economic capital of South
Rank 29th
Currency Rand (ZAR)
Fiscal year 1 April – 31 March (government); 1 March – 28/29 February (corporate & private)
Trade organizations WTOG-20SACU and others

$422 billion (2011 est.) (nominal; 29th)

$554.6 billion (2011 est.) (PPP; 25th)
GDP growth 3.1% (2011)
GDP per capita

$7,158 (2010) (nominal; 71st)

$11,000 (2011 est.) (PPP; 77th)
GDP by sector agriculture 2.5%, industry 31.6%, services 65.9% (2011 est.)
Inflation (CPI) 5% (2011 est.)
below poverty line
35.7% (2006 est.)[1]
Labour force
by occupation
agriculture: 9%, industry: 26%, services: 65% (2007 est.)
Unemployment 23.9% (2011 est.)
Main industries mining (world's largest producer ofplatinum), gold, chromium, automobile assembly, metalworkingmachinery, textiles, iron and steelchemicals,fertiliserfoodstuffs, commercial ship repair
Ease of Doing Business Rank 35th[2]
Exports $94.21 billion (2011 est.)
Export goods gold, diamondsplatinum, other metals and minerals, machinery and equipment
Main export partners China 13.7%, U.S. 10.1%, Japan 8.7%,Germany 7.3%, UK 7.1%, India 4.3% (2010)
Imports $92.86 billion (2011 est.)
Import goods machinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum products, scientific instruments, foodstuffs
Main import partners China 13.4%, Germany 11.2%, U.S.7%, Saudi Arabia 5.3%, Japan 4.7%,Iran 4.3%, UK 4.3% (2010)
FDI stock $73.6 billion (31 December 2011 est.)
Gross external debt $47.66 billion (31 December 2011 est.)
Public finances
Public debt 35.7% of GDP (2009 est.)
Revenues $104.7 billion (2011 est.)
Expenses $126.5 billion (2011 est.)
Economic aid ODA $19 billion, 0.2% of GDP (2004)
Foreign reserves $50.26 billion (31 December 2011 est.)
Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

In South Africa, Intercargo provide a full range of freight forwarding and Courier services, below is list of our most popular services;

Air Freight Services to South Africa

Intercargo Air Freight Services to South Africa choice of airlines is essential when comparing rates to any international logistics network. We can offer you choice and flexibility over the type of service available when sending freight by air.

Instant Air Freight Quote - Compare rates from over 149 Airlines

Over the last years we have established relationships with industry partners and we are firmly positioned to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf. Special spot rates may also be available on request.

  • Instant Quotes Our IATA accreditation stands us out amongst Air Freight forwarding You can access quotations and compare rates via our online instant quote system. You check rates and there is no obligation to buy or register with us.
  • You can instantly compare the freight charges to send your freight by air with airlines operating to South Africa.
  • Our Spot Rates team can negotiate spot rates on your behalf for large shipments to help reduce the per kg rate.
  • For consignments which require freighter carriers Choice of International Cargo Airlines which are available to certain destinations.
Airport to Airport Air Freight Services - South Africa

Our air freight services operate from airport to airport. You can either drop the goods into one of our drop-off depots yourself, or arrange for a separate company to drop them off for you.

  • When you drop the goods at the depot, you will need to ensure that all of the necessary shipping documentation comply with the requirements in South Africa.
  • Once the goods have been Air Freighted to the destination airport, the consignee will need to clear the goods through customs.
Door to Door Air Freight Services - South Africa

When you book your air freight service with Intercargo, our rates include an optional collection service so you can have your goods collected from your door.

We also offer Door to Door Services via our office and partner network which operates door-to-door service using our fully trackable system and leading freight forwarding agents.

  • Your goods will be collected by our Transport companies from an address of your choice, shipped via road, Air or Sea, and then delivered to the destination Airport from the receiver may collected the shipment.
  • Please be advised should any customs issues arise, it will be consignee's responsibility to pay any clearance fees or any other related destination fees.