Shipping to New Zealand - Air and Sea Freight Services

Auckland CBD
Rank 60th
Currency New Zealand dollar (NZD$) = 100 cents
Fiscal year 1 April – 31 March
Trade organisations APECWTO and OECD
GDP US$135.723 billion (2010 est.)[1]
GDP growth 1.4% (YTD December 2011 est.)[2]
GDP per capita $27,900 (2011 est.)
GDP by sector Agriculture (4.7%), industry (24%), services (71.3%) (2011 est.)
Inflation (CPI) 1.6% (YTD March 2012 CPI est.)[3]
below poverty line
Gini coefficient 36.2 (1997)
Labour force 2.353 million (2011 est.)
Labour force
by occupation
Agriculture (7%), industry (19%), services (74%) (2006 est.)
Unemployment 6.6 % (1st quarter)[4]
Main industries Food processingtextilesmachinery and transportation equipment, finance, tourism (to NZ)mining (in NZ)
Ease of Doing Business Rank 3rd[5]
Exports $40.92 billion (2011 est.)
Export goods Dairy productsmeatwood and woodproductsfishmachinery
Main export partners Australia 23.1%, China 11.2%, U.S. 8.6%,Japan 7.8% (2010)
Imports $35.07 billion (2011 est.)
Import goods Machinery and equipment, vehicles and aircraft, petroleumelectronicstextiles,plastics
Main import partners Australia 18.1%, China 16%, U.S. 10.5%,Japan 7.4%, Germany (4.1%) (2010)
Gross external debt 84.54 billion (31 December 2011 est.)
Public finances
Public debt 33.7% of GDP (2011 est.)
Revenues $61.94 billion (2011 est.)
Expenses $75.31 billion (2011 est.)
Economic aid donor: $99.7 million (FY99/00)
Foreign reserves US$20.626 billion (March 2011)[8]
Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

International Delivery to New Zealand

If you are shipping to New Zealand, why not let Intercargo take the stress and hassel out of your shipping needs. We offer an efficient freight service to all international destination ports, with many Airlines daily and Shipping lines departing every week. We can ensure your items are loaded soon after collection/delivery.

Smaller items can sometime be more economical to send by Air freight, however for many larger shipments we can also provide Sea Freight Services including 20ft or 40ft steel containers. Our services vary depending on your needs. We can supply a container for you to pack and load on-site. Our packing service includes packing, palletising and shrink-wrapping.

Nationwide Collection Services from all Over the UK (Ship from UK to New Zealand)

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Container-shipping encompasses a number of different options. We offer 20ft or 40ft sole-use container services, to contain only your vehicle, to various ports in New Zealand and around the world. You effectively pay for the sole use of the container, for your vehicle only. (A number of options are available at extra cost should you have other requirements and wish to ship them at the same time.) Selected port destinations are also served by ocean-going RORO ferry services. Such vessels are purpose-built carriers, used by manufacturers to deliver brand-new vehicles around the world. Vehicles are protected from the elements in enclosed decks, and are secured by straps and chocks. Service frequency is usually once or twice a month, and the transit time is sometimes longer than for container vessels, but there can be useful cost savings on some routes than with container shipment.

In New Zealand, Intercargo provide a full range of freight forwarding and Courier services, below is list of our most popular services;