Shipping to Austria - Air and Sea Freight Service

Currency Euro
Fiscal year Calendar year
GDP $301.31 billion (April 26th,2012)
GDP growth 3.1% (April 26th,2012)
GDP per capita $41,800 (2011 est.)
GDP by sector agriculture: 1.7%; industry: 32.3%; services: 65.8% (2009 est.)
Inflation (CPI) 0.4% (2009 est.)
Gini coefficient 26 (2007)
Labour force 3.68 million (2009 est.)
Labour force
by occupation
agriculture: 5.5%; industry: 27.5%; services: 67% (2005 est.)
Unemployment 4.5% (July 2012)[1]
Average gross salary €3,997/$5,395, monthly (2006)[2]
Average net salary €2,043/$2,758, monthly (2006)[3]
Main industries construction, machinery, vehicles and parts, food, metals, chemicals, lumber and wood processing, paper and paperboard, communications equipment, tourism
Ease of Doing Business Rank 32nd[4]
Exports $129 billion (2009 est.)
Export goods machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, paper and paperboard, metal goods, chemicals, iron and steel, textiles, foodstuffs
Main export partners Germany 28.9%, Italy 8.4%, United States 4.2%, Switzerland 4.1% (2008)
Imports $136 billion (2009 est.)
Import goods machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, chemicals, metal goods, oil and oil products; foodstuffs
Main import partners Germany 43.6%, Italy 6.9%,Switzerland 5.1%, Netherlands 4.1% (2008)
Gross external debt $808.9 billion (30 September 2009)
Public finances
Public debt 72.2% of GDP (April 26th,2012)
Revenues $181.2 billion (2009 est.)
Expenses $194.4 billion (2009 est.)
Foreign reserves US$24.920 billion (March 2011)[5]
Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars


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