Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about Intercargo Import and Export services. It also provides links to more detailed information available from this web site. Please check here for answers before posting a question.

Do I need an Intercargo account to ship?

No, at Intercargo there is no need for an account. You simply pay by credit/debit card for each booking you make. 

If you are a frequent shipper and would like to discuss opening an Intercargo account, please complete our Credit Application

Are Intercargo bookings processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

You can make a Intercargo booking at any time, but the earliest date for Pick Up is the next working day*.

If you require a more urgent Pick Up, please contact your local Contact Center

to check service availability and tariffs. Please note that Intercargo does not Pick Up or deliver on weekends or public holidays except by special arrangement. 

Does Intercargo accept bookings to PO Box Numbers?

For international destinations we will accept PO Box addresses providing the receiver is contactable by telephone. Please ensure that the receiver's telephone number is entered correctly on the Intercargo booking form.

Are transit times guaranteed?

No, transit times are provided as a guide only. 

Transit times are in working days and based on deliveries to major Airports/Seaports. They are subject to change depending on the location of Pick Up and delivery, as well as shipment contents, weight and value. There may also be circumstances beyond our control. For more information please refer to Intercargo’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

When will my shipment arrive?

You can get up to date information on the status of your consignment and view delivery details using our online tracking services:
track it - enter your booking reference

What if I do not know the destination Zip code / Postal Code?

For international shipments, a Zip code / Postal Code is required for countries which have a postal code system. This is used for completing the airway bill for your shipment. For countries with numeric postcode systems or you do not know the destination postcode, please check with the receiver or leave blank.

What is the maximum weight and size limits for a package?

Our Online Criteria is based on the following;

The maximum weight per package is 60lb for personal effects but size restrictions also apply:

The maximum weight per package is 11023lb for commercial consignments but size restrictions also apply:

  • For our standard Pick Up, a parcel must not exceed 125in on the longest side and must not have a volume exceeding 0.18 cubic meters. Intercargo calculates volume automatically when you enter the parcel dimensions on the booking form.
  • For international shipments the maximum dimensions per parcel are 125in x 88in x 64in. If your parcel is large but lightweight, you may be charged for its volumetric weight rather than its actual weight. Intercargo calculates volumetric weight automatically from the dimensions you enter on the booking form.
  • If Shipments are under paid i.e. the weight is greater then entered into our booking system your card will be billed for the outstanding balance.

If your package exceeds any of these limits, please contact your local Contact Center

where they will be able to give you information on services and tariffs available for larger items.

What is volumetric weight?

Note: Volumetric weight applies to international shipments only.

If you are sending a large but lightweight parcel you may be charged on volumetric weight rather than actual weight:

  • If the volumetric weight of your parcel is greater than the actual weight, you will be charged on volumetric weight.
  • If the volumetric weight is greater than 60lb, a surcharge will apply.

Intercargo calculates volumetric weight automatically from the parcel dimensions you enter on the booking form.

If you wish to calculate volumetric weight before completing the booking details, please use the formula: Length x Width x Height (in) / 366 = Volumetric Weight (lb)

How do I calculate the weight and dimensions of my parcel?

Calculate the weight of your parcel using ordinary kitchen or bathroom scales.

Measure your parcel using either a tape measure or a ruler.

If you need help converting from imperial to metric, please use our Conversion Calculator

Can I estimate the weight/dimensions of my parcel?

You can, however you will be charged the difference between the actual chargeable weight and also an admin fee of $50.00. We recommend you Use a bathroom scales to weigh your packages and a tape or ruler to measure the dimensions, if you don have access to a commercial scale.

Please note that we automatically reweigh and measure parcels on arrival at our service centers.

How do I change or cancel a booking request?

To amend any part of your booking or to cancel the Pick Up, contact your local Contact Center

as soon as possible. A cancellation fee of $50.00 or 25% which ever is the greatest will be applied once the booking has been confirmed and then cancelled. Cancellation must be made 24 hrs prior to day of Pick Up.

Can I have my parcel picked up from my place of work?

Yes. When you complete your Pick Up details, tell us where you will leave your parcel (e.g. Reception) in the 'Special Instructions' box.
Please note that someone must be physically present when the courier arrives to pick up the parcel.

Does Intercargo guarantee its pick up services?

Occasionally we may have difficulties assigning a courier for your Pick Up on the scheduled date - this may be due to adverse traffic conditions for example. As such, Intercargo does not guarantee its pick up services.

What price comparison are you making in order to claim online savings of up to 70%?

The online tariff includes online savings. Savings vary by destination, weight and airline versus Airport standard published tariff.

I would like to make a comment about the Intercargo services. Who do I contact?

If you have any comments or queries about the service, please send an email to

I don't have a printer. Can I still book online?

If you do not have the facility to print a parcel label, please do not use our online booking tool. Instead contact your local Contact Center

to arrange a Pick Up.

How do I affix the label to my package?

The label should be affixed to your packing following the instructions provided on the label itself. Make sure that the barcodes are not taped over as this will affect Intercargo’s ability to scan it correctly. 

If you are sending multiple parcels, please ensure that you print the label provided for each parcel.

What happens if the courier does not accept the shipment?

If for some reason the courier does not accept, the shipment, please contact Intercargo immediately and we will re arrange re - Pick Up.

How do I track my parcel?

You can get up to date information on the status of your shipment and view delivery details using our online tracking tools:

International tracking - enter your booking reference

If you have problems tracking your package (s), or need advice on status, contact your local Contact Center

I have two numbers. Which one do I use?

If for any reason there was a problem with the payment issue you will need to quote your transaction number, however if you need to track your parcel or speak to the Intercargo team you will need to quote your booking reference number.

I experienced problems with the website before making a payment. What now?

If the page crashed before you were able to make payment, your booking request will not have been sent to our systems. Unfortunately you will need to enter your booking again.

If the page crashed during the payment / confirmation process, please contact your local Contact Center

for assistance.

How do I know if my booking has been successful?

A booking is successful when you have received an email confirmation of payment from Intercargo/Secure server or a booking confirmation email from Intercargo.

Please note that it may take a few hours for a confirmation email to be sent back to you.

I have not received a booking confirmation email. What do I do?

If you do not receive a confirmation email from Intercargo, please contact your local Contact Center

. Please note that it may take up to two hours for a confirmation email to be sent to you.

How do I report a technical problem with the site?

If you experience any problems, please send email to for assistance.

Do I have to be present when the courier calls to collect my parcel, or can I leave it in a safe place?

Yes. You, or your representative, must be physically present when the courier arrives to collect the parcel to sign for proof of Pick Up. For security reasons Intercargo is unable to collect parcels left in 'safe places'.

What do I do if the courier refuses Pick Up of my parcel?

Please contact customer service for advice. If we are unable to arrange another Pick Up for you, we will issue a refund.

What do I do if the courier does not arrive to collect my parcel?

Occasionally we may have difficulties assigning a courier for your Pick Up on the specified day - this may be due to adverse traffic conditions or a high volume of Pick Ups. In these instances, please contact Customer Services who will rebook the Pick Up for you.

How will I know when my package has arrived at its destination?

The Airline/Agent will contact your Consignee on the number provided at the time of making the booking. If you do not receive or call please visit the overseas agent’s area of Intercargo website and contact the Airline/Agent. Please unsure you quote your INT number.

What packaging should I use for my shipment?

Intercargo is committed to delivering your shipments with speed and care. However shipments should be packed to withstand the normal rigours of sea and aircraft handling and transportation.

The customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging is adequate for transportation.

My parcel was delivered damaged. How do I make a claim?

If your parcel has been damaged, the sender must send an email to The maximum liability is $50.00 unless you have taken out Insurance. Photographic evidence must be provided.

Why doesn't Intercargo include Customs duties, Handling Charges, Clearance and taxes in its shipping tariff?

The Customs authorities in the destination country determine whether any duties and taxes are applicable when the parcel arrives. This is based on the information provided on the parcel label (Air Waybill) and Customs paperwork, in particular the contents, declared value and weight. Intercargo is unable to get involved in charges accured at destination.

Who is liable for paying Customs duties and taxes?

All handling, local charges, customs clearance charges and delivery within city limits (Approx 60km from International Airport are included. However the receiver is responsible for paying any duties and taxes that may apply (if any).

Do I need to create Customs paperwork for my parcel?

For your convenience Intercargo will generate and prepare all your paper work including Pro forma invoice from your booking details. Please ensure you have completed the Packaging List/Declaration which you can download from our website. 

If you are sending a commercial shipment with a commercial value, you will need to prepare a commercial invoice rather than a Pro forma invoice.

Which countries are in the European Union (EU)?

Czech Republic 
United Kingdom

Customs paperwork is not required for parcels to EU destinations. 

Please note that Channel Islands are treated as non-EU destinations for shipping purposes which means that Customs paperwork is required.

What items is Intercargo unable to carry?

Intercargo Prohibited and Restricted Commodities List

  • All commodities listed as "Prohibited" below will NOT be accepted for carriage by Intercargo. This category includes items which are prohibited for carriage by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country from, to or through which the shipment may be carried.
  • All commodities listed as "Restricted – Subject To Approval" below may be accepted subject to prior approval being obtained from an authorised Intercargo representative.


  • Animals (including birds, fish, insects, larvae, pupae etc.)
  • Antiques, Art works and collectibles
  • Banderols/tax stickers
  • Bullion (or any precious metal)
  • 'Cash-like' negotiable instruments in bearer form (this would include but not be limited to cash, bank notes, currency, vouchers, securities, pre-paid phone cards, activated sim cards and unused stamps)
  • Complete firearms, firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, weapons or items that could be used as weapons (these include but are not limited to decorative swords, kitchen knives etc.)
  • Human remains or ashes
  • Illegal goods (these are goods which are considered illegal in the origin, the transit points and/or the destination countries and would include but not be limited to pirated goods, counterfeit goods and narcotics)
  • Irreplaceable/unique items
  • Ivory and other banned products
  • Jewellery and objects constructed of precious metals and/or stones
  • Loose precious stones (including Industrial Diamonds)
  • Medical samples (includes bodily fluids and tissue samples)
  • Negotiable instruments in bearer form (this includes but is not limited to blank checks, blank activated credit cards / debit cards / charge cards or cash dispenser cards and event tickets
  • Perishable items that require a temperature controlled environment
  • Pornography
  • Tobacco


  • Animal products
  • Costume jewellery
  • Designer clothing, apparel, accessories
  • Drugs (legal) and pharmaceutical products over $500
  • Electronic components
  • Flowers, Plant products
  • Furs and garments trimmed with fur
  • Mobile telephones and accessories
  • Personal Data
  • Watches over £100 individual value
  • Dangerous goods (these include but are not limited to dry ice, biological substances, UN classified dangerous goods and any goods specified as such under IATA, ADR and IMDG regulations)


How do I know my credit card information will be secure once sent over the Internet?

Intercargo uses HTTPS, an Internet standard communication protocol, which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), an industry-standard encryption technology, to protect your information as it is transmitted over the Internet.