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Nepal Rastra Bank in Janakpur
Currency Nepalese Rupee (NPR) = 100 paisa
Fiscal year 16 July - 15 July
Trade organizations WTO
GDP $35.81 billion (2010 est.)
GDP growth 4.6% (2010 est.)
GDP per capita $1,200 (2010 est.)
GDP by sector agriculture (40%), industry (20%), services(40%) (2002 est.)
Inflation (CPI) 8.6% (September 2010 est.), 10.6% (October 2011 est. source:
belowpoverty line
24.7% (2008 est.)
Main industries Tourismgarmentfood and beverages,metal manufacturesherbs.
Ease of Doing Business Rank 107th[1]
Exports $849 million (2009) f.o.b.; note - does not include unrecorded border trade with India (2008)
Export goods carpets, clothing, leather goods, jute goods, grain, herbs, tea
Main export partners European Union 42.5%, United States 8%,Bangladesh 6.04%, Germany 5% (2009)
Imports $5.26 billion f.o.b. (2008)
Import goods Petroleum Products, Gold, Machinery
Main import partners India 57%, China 13% (2009)
Public finances
Revenues $3 billion (FY 2010)
Expenses $4.6 billion (FY 2010)
Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

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