Dangerous Goods

As an IATA member Intercargo fully complies with the New UK Carriage of Dangerous Goods & Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2004. As one of the leading specialists in transportation of Dangerous goods, you're safe in the knowledge that Intercargo provides a comprehensive quality assured service to over 230 countries worldwide.

Dangerous Goods

A customer who sends dangerous goods must: 

  • Package the goods within UN approved packaging (not required for 'LQ' freight)
  • Label the packaging with appropriate class labels i.e. Flammable Liquid (not for LQ)
  • Produce and provide Intercargo a Dangerous Goods Transport document to accompany the consignment (not for LQ unless travelling by sea).
  • Produce and provide Intercargo a copy of the 'Instructions in Writing' (Tremcard).
  • Complete an Intercargo consignment note for each type of dangerous goods declaring the UN number and volume of dangerous goods.
  • Declare if a consignment is LQ (Limited Quantity) and mark the package accordingly.
  • Separate LQ consignments ¬†from other dangerous goods to ensure a guaranteed service.
  • Dispatch non-dangerous goods consignments separate from other dangerous goods to ensure a guaranteed service

Packing Services

The ‘Shipper’ or sender of the goods bears legal responsibility for correctly identifying, packaging, marking and labeling all consignments containing any form of Dangerous Goods.