Shipping to Cameroon - Air and Sea Freight Services

Currency CFA Franc (XAF)
Main industries petroleum production and refining,aluminium production, foodprocessing, light consumer goods,textileslumbership repair
Ease of Doing Business Rank 161st[2]
Exports $5.361bn (2011)
Export goods crude oil and petroleum products,lumbercocoa beans, aluminium,coffeecotton
Main export partners Spain 15.1%, Netherlands 12.8%, thePeople's Republic of China 9.4%, Italy9.3%, France 6.5%, U.S. 6.4% (2011)
Imports $5.901bn (2011)
Import goods machineryelectrical equipment,transport equipment, fuelfood
Main import partners France 19.1%, the People's Republic of China 13.3%, Nigeria 12.4%,Belgium 5.5%, Germany 4% (2011)
Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

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